About Us

IPFA is a united endeavor of independent churches in America with a mission to "Preach Christ Crucified" throughout the various countries while equipping the believers to be fruitful vessels for His Kingdom.

Who We Are?

About 10 to 15 years ago, all the churches in the New York area were working together with unity and fellowship for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Then the mainstream churches started their own regional meetings and other programs. The independent churches felt a vacuum and a void when it came to general meetings and conferences.

A few of the senior pastors from the independent churches gathered about 11 years ago and decided to have fellowship of their churches. As a part of the fellowship, we started a yearly regional convention, which included all the independent churches in New York and surrounding area. We named this fellowship the Indian Pentecostal Fellowship of America.

The first president was our Late Rev. K. V. Johnson (Ebenezer Full Gospel Assembly). Subsequently the following Pastors have served as presidents - Rev. Itty Abraham, Rev. Dr. Joy P. Oommen and Rev. Thomas Abraham. In addition to yearly conventions, we meet quarterly in area churches for the spiritual edification and encouragement of the local churches. This was the first year we had a combined worship service along with a separate ladies and youth meeting. We encourage any church / ministry, who considers themselves independent to join with us in this fellowship. Let us labor together in His vineyard.